12, or maybe 13, reasons why Israeli kids prep for their Bar / Bat Mitzvah online

Your bar/bat mitzvah is coming.   But how can you prepare? If you’re an Israeli living abroad, we’ve got the perfect option for you – MitzVibe! 

There are so many reasons why MitzVibe is the perfect option for you. Here are 12, or maybe 13 😊.

1. It’s all online!

You know the drill. No need to leave the house and drive somewhere. Just put on your handy Zoom shirt or top, and you’re ready to go.

2.  It will make your mom, dad, and grandparents proud!

Whether they are Imma, Abba, Sabba, and Savta – or Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma – or anything else, they want nothing more than for you, their maturing young one, to learn and grow. 

This is your opportunity to learn about the history, tradition, and culture that’s shaped the lives of your family for generations. Your parents and grandparents will never have been prouder.

3. Connect with kids like you

You live in Los Angeles, London, or Buenos Aires today. But you were born in Israel or your parents were. That makes you different from so many of your friends and classmates. Who can understand what it’s like to be you? 

Hundreds of Jewish kids of Israeli heritage living around the world are participating in MitzVibe. Through the MitzVibe group sessions, you’ll get to know some kids just like you.

4. You can learn in Hebrew or English

You can learn in English.  All of our programs are available in English with both facilitators and other participants who speak English fluently. 

אפשר גם בעברית! כל התוכניות שלנו מוצעות בעברית עם מדריכים ומשתתפים דוברי עברית….

5. It’s just 6 sessions

Every journey requires us to stride along a path. You can accomplish this educational and experiential journey in just six steps. Our program providers prepare you for your momentous day in just six sessions.

6. MitzVibe is completely free!

Every young Israeli abroad is eligible to receive MitzVibe for free.  MitzVibe is a gift provided to you by our partners and Mosaic United’s Israelis Abroad. Mosaic United is generously supported by the State of Israel and donors from around the world.

7. Connect with your family in a different way

This experience isn’t like watching TV with your family or even eating dinner. Through the MitzVibe family sessions, you’ll get to learn and share with your family in a way that you haven’t before.  It’s a unique opportunity to see a different side of those closest to you, and for them to see you in a different way too.

8. Learn in different ways

MitzVibe’s sessions aren’t just one thing. We make learning fun by involving lots of different elements. None of the six sessions you’ll participate in are alike. In some sessions you’ll learn one-on-one with a facilitator, in others you’ll learn with your family, and in still others you’ll be with kids like you from around the world.

9. Deepen your Jewish identity and knowledge

Have you ever been curious about why we do certain things in Judaism that other people don’t? Do you wonder where some of our ideas and practices come from? 

MitzVibe is your chance to take a step in your Jewish journey while expanding your knowledge and understanding.

10. There are three highly-esteemed program providers to choose from

The Kotel Foundation, the Tali Education Fund, and Bina run dynamic educational and experiential programs in Israel and across the world. 

Each offers its own unique content and program. You choose which one best fits you.

11. Explore your Israeli identity

Living abroad, it can be a challenge to fully grasp our Israeli identity. Is there more to it than hummus and bamba?  We’ll explore it together.

12. It’s a big return for a small commitment

Program graduates regularly talk about how the program impacted them and added meaning to this turning point in their lives. And for only 6 to 12 hours of time over two to three months, that’s an incredible benefit.

13. Add on options if you want

Our program providers provide additional options you can elect to add on at an additional cost. From helping you learn your Torah portion, taking you on virtual tours, and private bar/bat mitzvah workshops, each provider can help you grow your experience further.