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Welcome to MitzVibe, your 6-step plan for joining the Jewish tribe!

Were you born in Israel, or have Israeli parents? If the answer is yes, this opportunity was created just for you!

Choose from 3 free programs and turn your Bar/Bat Mitzvah into an unforgettable, personalized experience. Together with your family and peers, embark on a life-changing journey with top educators and influencers and add your unique mark to your big day.

The number of participants is limited, so hurry and sign up so we can count you in!

Our Programs

Jewish Threads - HaBeged HaYehudi

In preparation for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, in addition to choosing the outfit you will wear for this special occasion, TALI invites you and your family to think about your Jewish Threads, HaBeged HaYehudi. What parts of being Jewish mean the most to you and feel part of who you are? We will provide you with tools to learn how your community, the Jewish people, and the land and people of Israel offer insight into this milestone and your own personal journey as a Jewish adult.
Mitchabrot-Mitchabrim- Teens Connecting

BINA’s Mitchabrot-Mitchabrim (“Teens Connecting”) is a unique, multi-generational Bat-Bar Mitzvah program that aims to empower Jewish young men and women to take ownership of their unique identities as Jewish-American-Israeli teenagers, and to make a difference in their own lives and in their communities. The program consists of a series of four bi-weekly interactive online sessions, throughout which the participants will explore their roots, unique family story, and relationship with their family and peers and interact with other teenagers who share a journey similar to theirs.
There is no more powerful, meaningful, and memorable location for a bar & bat mitzvah than at Israel’s holiest site, the Kotel. Every year, thousands of families journey to celebrate and commemorate the coming of age of their daughters and sons. As The Kotel Foundation, we want to bring the magic of the Kotel to you and invite you to join us on “Shahak” - a fun, inspiring, meaningful, and experiential bar & bat mitzvah journey created exclusively for families abroad.

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