MitzVibe is an online educational initiative, tailored to the unique needs of Israeli youth abroad. Participants choose between three acclaimed providers, which specialize in crafting tailor-made content and experiences around formative milestones in our Jewish lives.

How it works

Three leading providers were chosen for the MitzVibe initiative: the TALI Education Fund, Shachak – Western Wall Heritage Foundation, and Bina. Participants register with MitzVibe using the “Count Me In” form, and choose which program they’d like join.

Each provider offers a six-session journey, curated around themes and values connected with the Bar/Bat Mitzvahmilestone. All sessions take place online.

Program Structure

2 group sessions with participating peers
2 one-on-one sessions for the participant and parents
2 group sessions with Jewish and Israeli influencers

All programs are free of charge. Some providers may offer optional, supplementary programming at a cost.

MitzVibe is powered by Mosaic United, a partnership between global Jewry and Israel, and operated by its Yisraelim initiative. It is a loving gift to Israeli youth abroad provided by the Israeli people and generous donors.

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